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"The program will help you identify many facets about yourself."
Venkatesh Kidambi
Step Into Your Genius
More about Venk:

Having studied engineering and physics (PhD), Venk is now a financial analyst with extensive experience in quantitative portfolio management. When he began the Step Into Your Genius program, he'd been successfully managing teams of engineers and analysts in conducting signal research and trading large portfolios. Venk said:

"I’m entering a phase where I can be a better guide than a worker (musher than a sled dog). I'm considering launching my own thing, and I want to become a more effective leader. I’ve read some books, even took a leadership seminar at work. The books cover a wide array of topics and the leadership seminar was basic; I, reluctantly, brought up some questions but didn’t get any effective answers and haven’t been able to apply, even though I’m pretty good at self study. I want to be more influential in bringing new ideas to management and investors and more effective in managing workers. I think this is needed for the next step in my career."

In the program, Venk made some key shifts: moving from growing frustration in a traditional job search to proactively developing and packaging a highly innovative research project that is based on his own ideas and experience. He made significant progress on a business plan and taking steps toward introducing his research to his Wall Street network.

Of his experience in Step Into Your Genius, he says: 

"I'd recommend the program as I found the three areas of presence, working on the desired transformation, and building my own personal foundation quite useful. I felt the calls were well organized and time was managed so that everyone got a chance to talk and share."

Venk's update...
Less than a year after joining Step Into Your Genius, Venk officially launched Gyon Technologies Capital Management, which is engaged in developing and managing unique quantitative strategies for investors and investment funds.
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