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"In terms of what this can do for people, 'stepping into your genius' is also opening yourself up to listen and talk to your whole self. Your body, your brain, your emotions. Everything. The physical and the emotional and the mental."
Rhonda Harris
Step Into Your Genius
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More about Rhonda:

Rhonda has 40+ years experience in the water quality industry and a long list of leadership positions and awards such as Past President and elected Fellow for the Water Environment Federation, Honorary Member for the American Water Works Association, and an elected member of the International Water Academy.

She came into the Step Into Your Genius program looking to continue her commitment to lifelong learning and to address persistent feelings of frustration that were holding her back from fully enjoying her legacy and late career success. She also loved the idea of  a 'mentoring circle' in which she not only continues her own personal development but can share her experience and perspective with others in the program - something she is truly passionate about. 

As with all my clients, we focused on practical and scientific education around stress activation and understanding how energies and emotions (like anger) can get stuck. Applying simple but powerful practices from the latest research in stress physiology and neuroplasticity, we worked to untangle Rhonda's natural and necessary stress responses from the reactions and mindsets that were feeding her frustration.

This type of next level self-awareness is critical for leaders and innovators, and only a small percentage have honestly been willing to "start with themselves" with this deeper work. When we as leaders have a clear and nuanced understanding of our own healthy stress responses, we also cultivate the ability to help others to do so. We open up new capacity for genuine trust and connection -- which is a foundation of strong relationships, teams, and organizations.

Rhonda says that the program has given her new ways to understand her stress activation and patterns so that she feels calmer in situations that have been chronic triggers for her. She enjoys being able to stay connected to the group and remains active in the alumni program.

Rhonda's update...
A year after first starting in the Genius program, Rhonda wrote to the group, "I cannot thank you all enough. Walking this walk with you inspires me every day. I am pleased to continue and have you in my circle."
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