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"I think it's useful to start where you are and uncover things as you go. I prefer that method because it gives me a better feeling of progress and forward motion."
Lisa Roby
Step Into Your Genius
More about Lisa:

Lisa is an award-winning copywriter who has worked across several industries, including financial, retail, online/tech, and academia. She came into the Step Into Your Genius program with a desire to transition out of her current job and combine her experience in writing, personal training, and online business to build a strength and fitness coaching program for women over 40. 

During the program her current employer underwent major restructuring and layoffs. Lisa practiced how to create healthier boundaries around the stress and day-to-day drama of that. She also worked diligently on how to stay out of overwhelm and better pace herself for this next career transition. She ended the program with a long-term plan in place for her fitness business, an appreciation for how her current position fits into that plan for now, and some important shifts in personal relationship dynamics that had been impacting her ability to stay on her true course.

Lisa's update...
Just a year after finishing the Genius program, Lisa became a National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Certified Personal Trainer, which was the big first milestone she had put in her roadmap for her fitness business.
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