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"What I've learned and have begun to practice since joining Genius has made a great impact on the way I think and the way I approach my professional life, all for the better."
Chris Hayward
Step Into Your Genius
More about Chris:

I was chatting with a couple of friends and colleagues at a conference when Chris walked right up and said hello. It became obvious that he was a perfect fit for Step Into Your Genius. Here is what he said when he joined the program:

"I've reached a ceiling in operations and wish to shift my career in a new direction that allows me to leverage my non-technical, networking and relationship skills. I identified with Erin when she made a statement that the skills that earned me today's position aren't the skills that will earn me my next position. I want to break out of the "technical guy" mold, and during my initial consultation, I found that Erin's techniques of searching inward and working with other professionals appealed to me greatly. At the time I met Erin, I had not been seeking similar programs.

While discussing my career situation with Erin, it dawned on me that I've been on a job search, rather than taking charge of my life and steering my career in a more satisfying direction. I selected Step Into Your Genius because I felt that Erin was teaching from experience and that it would be a good investment for me, both professionally and personally. I liked that I'd be working with Erin and other professionals seeking to make changes. That is, having one-on-one time with Erin, "homework," and group time felt like a pathway that would allow me to view and to be viewed from multiple points."

Chris rapidly picked up on the concepts in the program. We got clear on what he wanted to create for himself, confirmed that his current company was not going to provide those opportunities, and gave him the skills to approach the career development process from a completely different perspective. He landed his dream job (with the desired increase in salary and responsibility) within only 8 weeks of working in the Genius program. He continues the development of deeper leadership skills to keep the transformation happening.

Chris' update...
Several months after finishing Step Into Your Genius, Chris wrote to say, "My new position is great, and I’ve started getting into real estate investing. I owe much of this year’s great experiences to you and your leadership course!! I plan to take another course with you."
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