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"I trust this woman beyond belief. She will be honest with me, but knows when to be gentle. I know I am not being used by a program or sold something, but genuinely helped."
Becca Chapman
Step Into Your Genius
More about Becca:

When I first began working with Becca in the Step Into Your Genius program, she was a much loved 4th grade assistant teacher and award-winning actor and theatre maker in New Orleans. She had big plans underway to combine her professional passions into one pursuit: medical clowning for children in local hospitals.

Becca knew without question that this was the right next move for her. She could feel the leader in her emerging. But day-to-day, big fears and a sense of overwhelm began mount. She was feeling burned out in her teaching position, was just months into recovering from a severe head injury that had radically slowed down the rhythm of her go-go-go lifestyle, and was adjusting to strict dietary changes with a recent diagnosis of celiac disease. Wow. What she said about joining the program:

"This work I feel is another way to tie everything together into a forward path. To help me use what I know about myself to go after what I want. I also like that it is not just one-on-one but in community."

We knew there was a lot of potential but also a lot of internal protections and inexperience that would threaten to sabotage her work. Becca’s consistency in the program paid off. In her first 12 weeks, she had announced her new 501(c)3, Prescription Joy, and had led friends, family, and volunteers to host the first fundraiser raising thousands of dollars and a small army of local supporters for her dream. She was also accepted into a prestigious summer program to hone her clowning craft and negotiated a scaled-back teaching position to focus on her new venture while providing steady income for a smooth transition. 

"I am using my current situation as a stepping stone to the next level of myself. A 'step into my genius.' Thank you for LITERALLY everything. I can not imagine this year without your guidance."

She stayed with Step Into Your Genius for another 12 weeks as an active alumna. During that time, RxJoy received its official 501(c)3 status and the Board named Becca as its first Executive Director.

Becca's update...
Becca (left, with her clowning partner Alex Smith) is still the Executive Director for Prescription Joy, which is now a growing non-profit working in two local hospitals and providing free Community Health Talks.
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