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"She made something that seemed daunting very approachable with step-wise iteration. I felt it was very valuable to take big picture ideas & vision and distill it into our best next steps."

What will really light up your event?

It could be as focused as a 30 minute address that offers specific leadership and innovation insights...

...or as immersive as a multi-day retreat, conference, or summit that infuses results-oriented energy into your goals.

I find many urban development and infrastructure professionals struggle with things like technology and the role it may come to play, but you spoke about these things with eloquence.
- Kyle
"My favorite session was Erin Mosley's Career Roadmapping. It forced me out of my comfort zone. She came from a place of experience, asked us to slow down, and acknowledged that it's OK to be uncertain!"
Most Popular Themes
I work with each client to get crystal clear on message and outcomes. Here are some ideas that rise to the top.
Innovation Leadership
I've worked with groups large and small to engage in real talk about organizational transformation, the future of their industries (including digital transformation), and what innovation leadership really requires.
Career Roadmapping
Taken from my signature programs, these workshops tackle everything from "What is success?" to real action plans designed for quick momentum and long-term results.
Stress as Insight
Poorly understood stress – when it ricochets through a team or organization – is an obstacle to effective  leadership. When I work with clients, we take a different approach: stress is an untapped resource.
Transformative Thinking
This workshop introduces an antidote to limitations and goal-fixation, helping to create cultures that can question, listen, and observe on a deeper level.
I'm a Licensed Practitioner with Innovation360 so that I can pair my expertise and experience with their global research in practical and effective innovation. Innovation Circles introduce you to the power of Innosurvey® tools.
My 25 year career in engineering, sustainability, public and private infrastructure, management of all kinds, leadership and neuroplasticity... along with my own life journey... have given me a unique view on resilience. Personal, global, or anywhere in between.

I was so engaged in your workshop I forgot to take any notes!
- Kate
"During the workshop, I wrote that I wanted to work on increasing collaboration among young professionals in the company. Within a month after the workshop, we began planning a watershed cleanup. On the planning team we have members from almost all of our departments: operations, IT, customer service, and engineering. It’s been a wonderfully collaborative effort thus far and I can’t wait to see where it goes from here!"
My whole outlook on networking, leadership, and my career has changed as a result of this summit.
- Patrick
Reasons why my events receive top ratings
Networking & engagement
Whenever possible, I invite participants to move around and work in partners or small groups. This quickly turns the room from lecturer->individuals to an engaged community. Participants become invested in how their goals are tied to the outcomes of the group during and after the event. 
Hands-on exercises and "labs"
 Some of my most popular workshop sessions involve fully interactive games and play to tap deep into our creative nature. This experiential learning introduces specific tools and insights that can be used in daily life. My teaching partners also bring diverse expertise and many options to explore.
Safety and respect
My style is rooted in extensive training of personal and relationship dynamics as well as the neuroscience of trauma and stress. From the moment we begin planning until long after the event, I am focused on designing and delivering an empowered environment that gives each person choices on how to participate.
More participant feedback...
"This was one of the best seminars like this that I have ever been to. I loved the unique improv approach and thought the overall message of the day was very cohesive and empowering."

"What I found most valuable was Erin's responses, questions, and reflections on the innovation workshop activities. It helped participants be more aware of their natural tendencies toward problem solving and how they work with other people."

I wanted you to know that the concepts you covered in your Career Roadmapping last fall at our Summit and the experiences you shared from your own path really stuck with me. It was the push I needed to start investing time in myself (mostly focused on improving my EQ right now) and really evaluating the current ‘career road’ I’m on. I’m working with a mentor on this, and it’s already made a big difference in how I process information and interactions. SO, a huge Thank You!
Here are some possible designs for your event experience:
Keynote Address, Panel, or Inteview
30 to 60 Minutes
Whether it's a live event, podcast, or video, I'll offer specific leadership and innovation insights in a compelling and engaging presentation.

Time for questions or other interaction with the audience can be included as appropriate for your event and logistics.
Partial Day Interactive Session
Up to 4 hours
These workshops usually provide a more hands-on experience to the participants.

Using stories, real-world examples, and significant audience participation, the session is geared to be quotable, memorable, and provide specific take-aways for everyone in the room.
Immersive Experience
4+ hours
These events are designed to provide more significant learning experiences with ample time for the participants to practice and apply the exercises while still "in the room."

The sessions can be set up as a one-day retreat or over multiple days to weave learning themes over a longer event -- and reinforce the concepts in different contexts.
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