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"In this time of transition in my life and career, I'm investing in studying with a variety of people. One gem I found is Erin "Pink" Mosley, former civil engineer and now innovation leadership coach."
Mara Yale

Step Into Your Genius
RAISE: Create Your Next Success

More about Mara:

Mara has a PhD in geophysics and is a former software engineer/manager who joined Step Into Your Genius when she was on the verge of shifting her scientific aptitude to a third career evolution. 

Experiencing acute burnout from cumulative overload (working as a mom, software engineer, and therapist/advocate), she had just started a medical leave from her job. At the end of the program she made a big decision to resign from her position to start her own business as a movement and nervous system educator. She wrote to me and everyone in the program:

"I signed up to work with you and be in this group because I felt like the the support aligned with what my goals were for my leave of absence. It's been really valuable to have support of community that feels like it's aligned with my highest good. 

[In the program I've been] feeling bolstered in a way that's more structured than just my network of family and friends. It has been really helpful in getting clear on what I want, what my boundaries are, and how to frame questions.

I feel good. I feel very clear ... and I feel very ready to jump into what's next. There's anticipation and fear and anxiety about that too. But I tried that all on during my leave and I healed some long standing health issues. One of the reasons I had held on so long is because I'm a single mom to two kids. It's not that you get rid of stress all together. The kind of stress that I was dealing with while on leave is the uncertainty of the future, but I'm in control of that. My body can chill out, because I know I've always been able to find meaningful work and I can trust that that's going to happen. 

So, thank you. Thanks to all of you for being my witness and for holding space for me through this process."

After she finished 12 weeks in Step Into Your Genius, Mara also participated in the 4 week RAISE: Create Your Next Success program. She describes the programs as an effective blend of being rigorous and experimental that helped her move through the decision to take a sabbatical and change careers. She says that she now has a new conceptual model of innovation using the iterative process of Know, Apply, Assess that I teach -- and is confident in how to apply it daily to her evolving career because of the experiential learning methods I use throughout the programs. Mara emphasizes the importance of the trust that I establish in my programs. She also highlights my personal credibility and science-based approach that especially resonates with science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) professionals.

Mara's update...
Less than a year after starting Step Into Your Genius, Mara (pictured here with her family) founded the Yale Center for Learning. She continues on her incredible journey as a teacher, scientist, and writer with a focus on helping children and adults heal through awareness and touch.
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