What's Your Innovation IQ?
Flash Class: Innovation
This limited time video flash class will only be posted for a short time as an introduction to my affiliation with Innovation360. I'm excited to share with you these world-class practices for creating innovation culture -- and then you can scroll down to learn more and sign up for upcoming events and announcements. 
Innovation. It's one of the hottest buzzwords of our time. Most companies and organizations say they want it, many say they already have it, but what does 'it' even mean? And how does it help you achieve your mission?
What if... you could measure innovation. What if you could understand the specific, scientific, and practical aspects of what innovation is and exactly how to apply them to your goals?
I've got the tools you need.
Hello. I'm Erin Mosley, also known as Pink, and I've probably been in your shoes. Or really similar shoes, at any rate. I've been a consultant; project manager; team leader; and corporate vice president of management consulting, innovation, and technology at engineering firms up to $5B in size. I've been a volunteer and board member for professional, academic, and arts organizations. I've been a founder, entrepreneur, and president of my own social and business ventures. 

I've failed and succeeded many times over. Through it all I've learned what actually works and what doesn't when people start slinging around the "innovation" terminology. And when I work with clients, we go deep in making sure that what we are doing matters. We ruthlessly look for red flags and weaknesses that point to innovation as a "nice to have" project versus an essential element to the team's success and survival. I drill down when I see opportunities that my clients can't yet see. We tie early success with long term goals. We take an honest look at enhancing the innate leadership and knowledge in your people and your workplace. 

Do any of these sound familiar?
I hear these all the time.  

"We don't have the budget now for more innovation."
Innovation is about rapid adaptation and survival in a fast-paced world. If you aren't integrating innovation into every aspect of your operations, your risks of getting broadsided by a crisis or struggling to stay relevant go way up. Thinking of innovation as a pure "luxury" or stand-alone effort is an organizational death sentence. Instead, you can stay open to learning step-by-step, practical ways to build innovation into your unique culture and strategies.
"Innovation is already happening on our team."
This is usually true. More often than not, though, the innovation is happening on the backs of courageous and vocal champions who fight hard to be heard and spend a lot of energy working a new idea through muddy and unclear steps. Imagine if you had a clear process and environment to share new ideas and make decisions about which of those move forward to development? Imagine if all those quieter, frustrated, or introverted team members felt their ideas could be heard without having to yell it from the rooftops? Innovation culture is invariably built on a reliable, repeatable process to cultivate ideas and move them through a decision process that is clear to everyone.
"We're too busy to start another new program."
See the note above about the budgets. A perception of "not enough time" is equal to the perception of "not enough money." You are spending time and money on lots of things. Are you confident that you are investing the right amount of time and money to look beyond what is right in front of you? Understanding innovation horizons and how they apply to your mission will help you maintain the balance of "keeping the lights on" today while also looking to tomorrow's necessary evolution.
"We're not a technology company."
This comes across a lot of ways: We're too small. We're a services company. We're a government entity. We're a non-profit. We're one team inside of a larger organization.

The truth is, none of that matters. Innovation isn't about technology. You can innovate around customer or stakeholder needs, schedule constraints, marketing and sales, product or service delivery models, you name it. It can start with one team. And then if your innovation culture flows wide and deep in your organization -- you'll find that the synergies will cross over your silos, functions, and departments anyway. Innovation is simply about finding the most elegant and effective ways to adapt and change.
This is why I've teamed up with Innovation360.
As an Accredited Practitioner, I can now pair my expertise and experience with their global research in practical and effective innovation. To celebrate, I'm offering a unique online Innovation Circle to introduce you to the power of the Innosurvey® tools and get specific about your best next steps. You can learn more below.

Introducing: Innovation Circle

An interactive online workshop
​​​​​​​with Erin (Pink) Mosley

Learn from a comprehensive history of innovation, including the specific theory and successful techniques you can apply immediately to gain insight on your team or organization: the 4 revolutions, the 3 horizons, the 10 personas, the 5 leadership styles, and much more.
Participate in global innovation research (and it doesn't matter what role or position you hold in your organization).
Receive a customized InnoSurvey report and benchmarking on your organization based on the innovation capabilities of over 10,000 organizations worldwide.
Participate in a 2.5 hour interactive online workshop with time for "break out" small group conversations on your report results (yes, we have technology for that). 
Join two bonus calls before and after the workshop to answer any questions you have.
Uplevel your learning and engagement with additional services. The Circle+ option includes a personalized video of recommendations based on your Innosurvey report, and the and Circle^2 option includes a private call to review your results and workshop experience.

Sorry, there are no spaces for the Innovation Circle in 2018.
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