Imagine having a roadmap to your dream career...
and the right tools, research, and mindset shifts to make it happen fast.
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After working so hard on your career, are you feeling confused and frustrated? 
Wondering what's next?
Trying to stand out and be heard?
Losing touch with your passion and purpose?
If this sounds like you...

​​​​​​​you are not alone.

Successful professionals need to plan on major career transitions every few years.

The problem is - most of us were never taught how to navigate these changes to
 maximize results and minimize stress.
So which of these is you?
Feeling stuck

​If you'd really rather stay in the job you have, and have more impact from right where you are -- this is for you.
Job hunting 

​If you've been hitting the job postings and wondering how any of it will be any different even if you switch companies - this is for you.
Making a leap

​If you are considering or have started a new phase (major promotion, career change, raising a family, self-employment, semi retirement...) and are juggling how all the priorities fit - this is for you.
A real Career Roadmap puts you back in the driver's seat.

You've mastered your career this far.

You adapt to new job descriptions, work extra hours, and know how to manage everyone on your team (up and down the org chart).

Are you ready for the next big step in your career?

You can do it from right where you are... in an entirely new way.

An exclusive online event
with Erin (Pink) Mosley

RAISE: Create Your Next Success is an online group program designed for you to tap into powerful new career (and life!) opportunities.

​​​​​​​With my signature Success Roadmapping approach, you'll finally learn how to bypass the traps that are hidden in most career advice. 

RAISE will be perfect for you if you are:
  • A passionate professional, expert, or manager
  • A high-achiever who is always looking for new ways to solve problems, overcome obstacles, and make a difference ​​​​​​​
  • Ready to learn and use cutting-edge knowledge and approaches for different results in your career or workplace
RAISE is NOT for you if you:
  • Don't want to take full responsibility for your career success
  • Are "too busy" to fully engage in the 4-week interactive online experience, which includes three 1.5 - 2 hour course workshops, one half day online retreat, and ~30 minutes per week of work on your own.
  • Aren't ready to face potentially uncomfortable perspectives and old patterns that aren't serving you anymore so that you can unlock the best new opportunities for you. The program is a supportive, positive experience -- but it's based on deeper and more challenging work that most career and leadership programs miss.
Enough with the stress, burn out, cut-backs, and non-existent pay raises that don't reflect the genius you have to offer. 

Are you ready for your Career Roadmap?
Real stories and real results

​​​​​​​Deb Leonard
"When we first started with [the RAISE program], I just had no confidence at all. I was still really hurting from the way that my last job ended and feeling very sorry for myself.

I would say I was probably about a two [out of 10] when I started. Now I feel like an eight. I think I have a plan!"
"I had just left my job, and that was a huge transformation. So now what? How do I create something new? I really found value in having the support, community, and structure of going through RAISE even after I had just finished [the Step Into Your Genius 12-week program].

​​​​​​​It felt good to use the tools again and be familiar with them - but have a different focus. That was really, really valuable and something I got out of participating in both programs.​​​​"

​​​​​​​Mara Yale
The retreat has been great. Like a lighting bolt of realization: I can actually have this (essentially extracurricular) activity outside of work that is giving me energy and happiness. Basically, it’s me committing to myself that I’m going to take steps towards what I enjoy and is fulfilling to me, and it can grow into whatever it’s going to grow into.
​​​​Maura White

You'll get powerful 
expert and peer insights:
4 Online Workshops
To quote a program alum: "Even if I didn't do the all program homework, the calls alone are worth the investment." Many clients have said the same!

These are not webinars.

You'll participate in immersive workshops that include fully interactive instruction, guidance, and Q&A plus get-it-done break out sessions to create your roadmap step by step. All calls are enabled with audio, video, screenshare, and recording technology so that you can choose how you would like to participate. 

  1. Prep call (1.5 hour)
  2. Retreat workshop (1/2 day) 
  3. Wrap up call (1.5 hour)
  4. Celebration call (1.5 hour)

24/7 Access
You will also become a member of the state-of-the-art online course platform that provides 24/7 access to learning materials and community discussion forums.

  • Weekly "Success Steps" and downloadable worksheets that lead you through the Career Roadmapping approach.
  • Session recordings and excerpts for missed calls or rewatching. 
  • Private group discussion forums to keep the networking, support, and momentum going between calls.

Proven techniques with the science to back them up.

Schedule a call to see if RAISE is right for you.
Here's more of what you'll learn and practice:
The Know-Apply-Assess innovation learning cycle to move you into your ideal career fast and with less stress.
A process to get crystal clear on your unique career transformation and a crucial gut-level check of why you want it. These steps give you the inner fire and creativity to make things happen even when it seems tough.
Deep listening skills that will skyrocket your ability to see new possibilities and have the influence you need to step into them.
How to take immediate and consistent action (you will start to implement your roadmap during the program, not at some vague point in the future) and what you need to know to sustain repeated successes over your whole career.

Here is the "Getting Started" video from the last session of RAISE.
This video is from inside the program platform. It welcomes participants with the big picture and logistics of the program.
Your Best Career is Just Around the Corner

And with RAISE: Create Your Next Success, you’re getting the best of my 25 year career journey. It's been a trip for sure! I've been a global director and vice president of a Fortune 500 firm, board member and officer of multiple non-profits, and founder of two growing companies. And in my own last career reinvention, I set my sites on going even deeper into the art and science of success.

You don't have to sift through more reading, research, training, and advice. I'm giving you what I've found to be the most essential skills to take charge of your career at any age.

Not only are you getting a whole new perspective on career and life, you'll also be working with a community of like-minded professionals who are interested in this next level leadership. 

Your unique career roadmap will bring you where you want to go
You can create yours in just a few weeks.

Registration is currently closed, but if you click through to schedule a call and join my online community, you will receive early VIP access and special offers!

Create Your Next Success
(USD) paid in advance
4 Online Workshops
24/7 Access to Program Platform and Forums
Create Your Next Success
(USD) 3 monthly payments

​​​​​​​Available for limited time!

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